Time to plan for retirement is now!

Image result for retirementI recently turned 40, every birthday wish was followed by “Wow milestone Birthday so what’s the plan?”

While birthday pampering and party was on my agenda, thoughts on retirement were not. But I guess from 40, retirement is not so distant so try as I may it refused to leave my thoughts!

The whole day I was telling whoever would care to listen how I barely would be able to see my daughter through her education before I turn the milestone 60. As 60 is when for most people their income starts to decline. Hence making retirement planning very important.

This ails most of us as we start thinking and planning for retirement too late. The below info graphic  will tell how an early start can give a great flip to the retirement corpus.

Thankfully for me I have been investing in equity mutual funds for some years now so I can now peacefully enjoy my 40th!

Happy 40th now truly!

Retirement info graphic

Why you should not stop SIP despite stock market hitting new highs

SIPs help the investor average his cost over a period of time, fetching more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high.Lakhs of investors have turned to systematic investment plans (SIPs) of mutual funds in recent months. SIP inflows have increased rapidly—investors pump in close to Rs 4,500 crore every month through this option, compared to just Rs 1,200 crore a month in early 2014. The average ticket size of a SIP has also jumped from Rs 1,800 to Rs 3,200 per month today.
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Empowering the Modern Woman through Financial Awareness


Conducted a Financial awareness workshop for teachers of Kidzee Pebbles School, Gurgaon on Saturday.  Got great response and feedback.

Major learning:

  • Lack of awareness & assistance is keeping a lot of people away from investing
  • Insurance & investment are treated as same!
  • Women are keen to understand benefits of investment and take corrective action.

This session reinforces my belief that women are under served and often mis-served with regard to their personal financial needs. I feel energized to pursue the quest to spread financial awareness among women.

Personal Finance Challenges Unique to Women