8 dilemmas about buying mutual funds resolved

ET Wealth helps you remove the hurdles that stop you from investing in mutual funds.Very good comparison!

Investing directly in the markets is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires expertise and hard work. For lay investors who neither have the ability, time nor inclination to choose the right stocks to build a solid portfolio, the answer lies in mutual funds. They are increasingly being recognised as the ideal investment vehicles to ride both the stock and bond markets. They enable investors, even those with modest means, to ride the India growth story, while offering a readymade portfolio of stocks or bonds that is monitored professionally and transparently.

However, the sheer scope of the vehicle also raises a number of questions in the mind of investors. It is not just the number of mutual funds schemes on offer across multiple fund houses that can be confusing. There are many other dilemmas that investors may need to grapple with. Should they opt for actively managed funds or plain vanilla ETFs? Is it better to go for a larger fund rather than one with a smaller corpus? Will a fund with a diversified portfolio work better than one with a focused approach?
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Why women must start investing early!

I remember the days when I had just started working and was clueless aboutinvestments. All my salary was spent on my so-called “assets”, my shoes, bags, and clothes. How I wish I had paid more attention to creating my own personal wealth. Well, recent World Bank employment data suggest that India has a declining share of women in employment. There are many reasons and one very important factor is marriage and childbirth. It has been observed that working women tend to quit or take a break at the time of childbirth.

To my mind, for women to create wealth is very important to

  1. Start investing early. As women tend to have shorter career span it is important to start investing as soon as you start working. This will ensure that you will have financial security and freedom if you choose to not work or take a break.
  2. Understand no amount invested is small. You can start mutual fund SIPs with as small an amount as Rs 500. I recently helped a young, 25 year old school teacher start her first monthly SIP of Rs 5,000. An amount which looks small but if invested regularly will make her a crorepati even before she turns 40!

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Come Lets play KBC!

Come Lets play KBC!


I was watching Kaun Banega Crorepati, KBC recently and realized that how becoming a crorepati feels so distant and difficult to all of us. Well becoming a crorepati is not a game of chance, you can for sure become a crorepati. You can become a crorepati with as small an investment as Rs 5000 a month!

So here is your KBC question for Rs 1 Crore

  • Can you put aside Rs 5,000 every month for one year
  • Can you increase Rs 5,000 by 10% every year
  • Can you be patient with your investments

If you answer yes, we will invest this for you in equity mutual funds and you can walk away with Rs 1 Crore in less than 20 years!

Come and join the movement be the next Crorepati!

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