Come Lets play KBC!


I was watching Kaun Banega Crorepati, KBC recently and realized that how becoming a crorepati feels so distant and difficult to all of us. Well becoming a crorepati is not a game of chance, you can for sure become a crorepati. You can become a crorepati with as small an investment as Rs 5000 a month!

So here is your KBC question for Rs 1 Crore

  • Can you put aside Rs 5,000 every month for one year
  • Can you increase Rs 5,000 by 10% every year
  • Can you be patient with your investments

If you answer yes, we will invest this for you in equity mutual funds and you can walk away with Rs 1 Crore in less than 20 years!

Come and join the movement be the next Crorepati!

Come and participate in #KBC, call us on + 91 9999 321 868 to start your crorepati journey!

#crorepati #KBC # mutualfund #investment

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