Best Gift for Your Child is a Life Cover

It’s Sunday morning and all I want to do is relax and enjoy my morning tea. My 4-year-old has decided that she also needs to make the most of her Sunday so has woken up early. Very early I think!

She is riding her little Scooty and all inspired by the republic day motorcycle stunts is trying out a few herself. And there her Scooty turns and before I can reach her she falls. I yell so loud, my heart stops beating. She obviously is not hurt, who can get hurt on it, it moves at a snail’s pace, but is a bit shaken by my scream. I can’t help it.

My most important job these days is to worry about her all the time. To my mind, that’s how it should be as children need protection all the time. I remember once a friend, mother of a young girl had asked on Facebook “when will I now sleep peacefully?” Someone had very wisely commented “Never”!

As parents, we promise the following 3 fundamental things to our children

  1. Protection: Protection from hardships of life.
  2. Security:  We promise, till we make them independent, we will offer them security of
  • Nutrition
  • Good education
  • Healthy environment
  • A decent lifestyle
  1. Unconditional love and affection

When a child loses a parent he or she loses all three.

However, Insurance helps provide protection to the first two. Love and affection are irreplaceable.  This New Year lets gift our children security and protection even when we may not be around. Let’s buy a life cover.

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