I Am a Momprenuer, I Don’t Have a Regular Income!

I Am a Momprenuer, I Don’t Have a Regular Income!

Guests to my home have a knack of arriving without prior notice. It looks as though the whole mobile revolution has just escaped my extended family. They love to surprise us with their unplanned visits. Earlier I would get very unsettled with these unannounced visits and the follow up high teas and dinners. No longer!

The last few years have seen a surge of mompreneurs in our city, look around and every housing society has home cooks, bakers, event planners etc. you name it and you have it. So now whenever someone visits I quietly order a meal from the home cooks and pass it off as mine!  I must mention there are many like me who are regular patrons and are a reason for the success of the mompreneurs. They enjoy a large and loyal clientele and have established a good business from their homes!

A few weeks ago I got curious and wanted to understand what do they do with all the money that they are earning.  I called a few of my mompreneurs friends to do a survey of sorts and the answer surprisingly was “Nothing”! Money just stays in a savings account and used to fund a few expenses around the house. The good part was most wanted to invest in mutual funds but was apprehensive to commit to a SIP (systematic investment plan) as their income is irregular.

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