Best Gift For Your Child Is A Life Cover

Best Gift for Your Child is a Life CoverMy daughter was about to turn one and we, my husband and I, were really excited. We had planned a big birthday party and were looking forward to celebrating the day with a large number of our friends and family.

As the countdown to the big day started I realized I had forgotten the most important thing “The Birthday Gift!” I panicked and sought advice from my husband and I asked, “What should we gift that she will cherish all her life?” As always he was clueless about anything to do with our daughter – as per him, he had made the most important contribution in having her and rest was now up to me till she turns five.

While I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, why bother for his help, if I can plan and organise the entire birthday party all by myself I can also think of an appropriate gift. So off I went to my mother in law complaining how her son was not pitching in at all.

Well, as always she had sound advice. “Party and fanfare aside the child won’t even notice or understand these, give her something that you as a parent are fundamentally supposed to ensure.”

“What is that?” I asked.

Very wisely she said, “Gift her security and protection. Have you bought life insurance for yourself?”

“No”, and off I want again to look for husband dear. “We need to buy life insurance to protect our precious”.

“Yes, I already have” he smirked.

“Which?” I asked.

“Term Cover”, he said with a smug smile.

I heaved a sigh of relief, he had been smart.

A pure term life cover is the most efficient life insurance protection plan. It offers maximum life cover at a low premium.

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