AspirePFS conducts session on financial well being of women

Max3Aspire Personal Financial Solutions conducted sessions on Financial Well-Being of women for Inditex India Private Limited and Max Group on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Glad that organizations are recognizing the importance of financial wellness as being core to the total well-being of their employees, especially women. Women have unique financial challenges which need specific intervention.  By better understanding these challenges and helping women take charge of their financial health, employers can reap the benefits of a healthier and more engaged female workforce that is not only more productive but also easier to retain and develop.

I had gone prepared to impress through research and data why they need to take charge of their finances, but same was not really required they already appreciate the need for financial planning. In each of the sessions, participants were eager to understand the various aspects of personal finance. However what they struggle with is one finding time from their various engagements and secondly getting trusted advice.

Organizations are uniquely well positioned to help employees improve their financial health, that is, help them effectively manage their day-to-day financial lives in order to weather life’s inevitable ups and downs and pursue meaningful opportunities. Employers should create opportunities to not only educate employees but also facilitate the access to safe, affordable financial products that better help employees spend, save, borrow, and plan. Doing so can improve an employers’ bottom line, engender employee loyalty and satisfaction, and serve as a distinguishing benefit when recruiting new talent.

Kudos Ruchi Batra & Sharvi Chaudhary for taking the lead. Thank you for the opportunity.

#AspireWoman #InternationalWomensDay #FemaleFinancialAwareness

Why is personal finance more important for women?

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