Years ago, our needs were met and we had limited wants but now the level of wants has grown more than needs because of the introduction of exceptional products and services that have eroded the market with great marketing advert positioned in places that can easily capture our mind and attention and the more money you make the more your wants increase too. With this increasingly purchasing more wants, your ability to save, invest or start your side hustle depletes and you lose focus financially.


(1) Needs are an individual requirement that must be meet for your survival and important for your day to day existence and fulfilment of a good life. You need air, shelter and many more to survive because without them your existence is inevitable while Wants is just hunger or desire for a product or service which is but for a passing moment.

(2) Needs are limited meaning they are restricted in size, they are few, but your Wants are unlimited because there’s always need product and services invade the market every day to draw and capture your mind and attention and makes you desire to have the product or service.

(3) Needs is something you must possess or must have for your existence, comfortability and conduciveness while Wants is what you wish and desire to have to live comfortably and for flamboyant lifestyle.

(4) Needs remain the same; its variable or qualities under a set of given conditions always remain the same in all circumstances but Wants will always change with time if new products and services are introduced into the market to meet your needs and make the desire to have the latest one in the market.

(5) if needs are not met or fulfilled, it leads to ailment and death most times but wants leaves you destabilized, unhappy and disappointed.


How do we achieve balance between needs and wants and manage them well? We need to master the art of balancing and managing your wants and needs to achieve your financial freedom. Here are ways to balance your needs and wants:

-Live simply
-Separate your needs and wants
-use your time well
-create a budget
-Focus on your financial freedom.


A life of simplicity can help manage your needs and wants and separate them well. To help achieve your financial freedom, a life of simplicity is very important by adjusting your expectation and living appropriately right. You need to develop the habit of living below your means to achieve financial freedom.


At this point in time, you should become financially aware of your financial status and know the impact of your wants on your finance and how to manage your wants and needs by separating them from one another.


Controlling your wants and sticking to the list of your needs according to your scale of preference takes a level of discipline to achieve. It’s easier to say but it requires more effort and dedication to act on this to get the required result. You also need to maintain self-control for your frivolous buying or else you get financially drained. You must deal with the pattern of not understanding between your wants and needs and know how to deal with the addiction of more wants than needs. To buy something, you need to ask yourself critical questions with answers to give you reasons to buy your wants or needs.


Good usage of time will help manage your need and wants and that is one of the way to balance your needs and wants. Also, how you spend your time matters a lot and what you get exposed to matters too. You need to start spending time on what will help you in achieving your goals and becoming financially free than more time on things that depreciates your net-worth. Now is the time to invest more time on yourself and future to break the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.


You need to create a budget and act on it. With a budget, you can control your needs and wants. You will know what goes out and comes in and where it went. If it takes time and effort to start working on budget, do it to help you have a financial focus. Budgeting makes you financial disciplined, focused and help achieve your financial goals.

You need to focus on achieving your financial freedom than letting wants to lead you down the drain. You need to start saving and investing as soon as possible to plan for your financial future. Plan for your retirement, start today by plan and thinking of making tomorrow better than wasting it away frivolously today. If you need help to achieve your financial dream, work on it and get the needed help.


You now know the wider difference between needs and wants and how it helps influence your financial freedom and existence. If needs are not met your existence is at stake but wants is just for a passing moment that lets you down. the key difference between the two of them is their level of significance.

Credit: https://rawlingsunday.com/2018/06/13/6-ways-to-manage-your-needs-and-wants/

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